Listing Enhancements in Georgia MLS!


Listing Enhancements in Georgia MLS:  

In an effort to assist the marketability of listings to both members and buying and selling consumers, Georgia MLS has enhanced two significant listing detail sections across all online platforms:

  • Listing agents can add up to 100 photos for each active listing in their inventory
  • Listing agents have the ability to add up to 4000 characters for the Public Remarks fields and 1,000 characters for the Private Remarks fields

Recognizing that photos and remarks play a prime marketing role in highlighting features and property descriptions, Georgia MLS has worked with our partners to considerably increase these important listing sections. By enhancing the maximum number of photos from 36 to 100, and increasing Public Remarks from 768 characters to 4,000, members gain considerable latitude to further best describe their client’s listings. The Private Remarks section has also been increased from 320 characters to 1000 characters allowing members to effectively communicate additional comments to prospective selling agents.

Listing syndication websites have been notified of these enhancements and will display the number of photos and remarks characters up to what their systems allow.

Georgia MLS Introduces New Listing Autofill Tool!


What is Ditto?  

Ditto is an autofill product developed by Georgia MLS designed to save you time entering listings from different property types or from other MLSs.  By allowing you to spend less time entering (or re-entering) the same information, you can spend more time focused on what makes your business successful.

How Does Ditto Work?

  • Ditto takes advantage of the RESO standard in real estate data to map information from one MLS to another and one property type to another.
  • After a listing is translated, we can prefill most fields for a GAMLS listing input sheet, saving you more time.
  • Requirements between property types and MLSs are different, so additional information is sometimes required. In those cases, we defer to the listing expert (the agent) to provide the correct information.
  • Once submitted, Ditto uploads the listing to Paragon instantly.  It will appear on our public/agent websites within 15 minutes.

How Does Ditto Benefit Me?

Agent enters listing as wrong property type
A common issue for agents is entering a listing in the wrong property type. Ditto won’t allow you to change the property type of an existing listing. It will allow you to autofill a listing entry form (for any property type) based on the existing listing.

Agent has entered listing in another MLS not GAMLS
Another common headache for agents is having to enter the same listing into multiple MLSs. If GAMLS has partnered with the other MLS, Ditto is able to pull the information from an existing listing on that MLS and autofill a new listing entry form (for any property type) to be entered in GAMLS. We are currently working with other MLSs to expand this offering. If you are interested in autofilling listings from another MLS that you are currently a member of, contact us at

Advertising an offering as multiple property types
Some properties don’t fit a conventional property type and can to be listed multiple times. Any property type can be partially autofilled with the information from an existing listing.

Watch the Webinar to See Ditto in Action > 

Learn More About Ditto in the FAQs > 


Discover Qualified Local Opportunities with This New Product Offering, Remine!


Georgia MLS is excited to launch Remine – a real estate intelligence platform that brings together billions of pieces of data to help you find the consumers most likely to buy or sell in your market. This means you’ll be spending less time chasing leads and more time closing deals!    Georgia MLS is providing members complimentary access to Remine’s starter plan, with premium upgrades available

Watch this video for a quick introduction into the power of Remine > 

For a more detailed webinar,click here.

Who Do I Call If I Have Questions?

Remine’s Customer Support Team is available Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (EST).

Phone: 1-855-999-3689


Login to to access Remine from the Quick Access Menu.


New Member Benefit! Exclusive Online Continuing Education and Professional Development Courses


New!  Georgia MLS, in Partnership with OnCourse Learning, Brings You Unlimited Access to Online Continuing Education and Professional Development Courses at No Additional Cost!

Now your continuing education is available online anywhere, anytime! Georgia MLS, in partnership with OnCourse Learning, is excited to bring you a robust library of 41 continuing education courses, including mandatory courses and many elective options to complete the required 36 hours of continuing education for license renewal.   In addition, a series of Professional Development offerings are available to improve skills critical to real estate success.

Below are just a few of the course offerings available.   

Continuing Education  (3, 6, and 9 hour CE Credits)

  • Writing Contract
  • Short Sales & Foreclosures
  • Property Management
  • Pricing Property to Sell
  • Ethics in Real Estate
  • Prequalifying your Buyer
  • Licensee as Principal
  • Commercial Leases
  • Green Home Features
  • Tax Free Exchanges
  • … and many more!

Professional Development

  • Unplugged: Phising
  • 7 Things Never to Say to Your Customers
  • Better Business Grammar
  • How to Give and Receive Criticism
  • Mastering Memos
  • Solving People Problems on the Job
  • Speaking with Confidence, Clarity, and Charisma
  • Ways to Build Wealth
  • …. and many more!

Login to and select ‘Online Continuing Education’ to Enroll

Webinar Wednesdays in July

Join us for Webinar Wednesdays and learn how to use the products and services that are available with your membership.

July 11, 2018  |   RatePlug with Rob Springer

Listen in as we talk with RatePlug’s Marketing Director Rob Springer and learn how this invaluable tool helps home buyers find the mortgage program that best fits their home buying scenario.



July 18, 2018   |    CMA’s in Paragon and the Homepage

An introduction to “all things” CMA. We’ll explore how to do a quick CMA, how to use Paragon’s CMA module, as well as how to create a CMA on the homepage.



July 25, 2018 – Navigating the Georgia MLS Homepage Including Statistical Reports

Listen in as we cover how to maneuver through the Georgia MLS homepage. Discover how to search, view, print and email listings, as well as utilize the numerous statistical reports that are available right on the Georgia MLS homepage.



Stay Safe at Showings with the Agent Safety Timer in Homesnap Pro

We want agents to be safe at every showing.  With Homesnap Pro, you can set a safety timer or send a distress alert using these simple steps:

Open Homesnap

When you are within 2000 feet, view any property in Homesnap to set a Safety Time.

Set Duration and Contacts

Tell Homesnap how long you expect to be at the location and select your emergency contacts.

Show the Listing

You can stop the timer or add time as you go.  If the timer expires, a text message will be sent to your emergency contacts.

Issue an Instant Distress Alert

In case of distress, send a text message to your emergency contacts in one tap.

HOW DOES IT WORK?    Watch the Tutorial >


What’ New at Homesnap?


FEATURE 1:  Draw Your Own Search

SUMMARY: Homesnap now allows users to define a custom search area based on their home buying or renting criteria.

BENEFIT: With this increased flexibility, agents and consumers can create personalized search areas to view property listings and the associated MLS data that are most relevant for them.


FEATURE 2: My Clients on Web

SUMMARY: Desktop tools are now available for agents to more easily manage and build their client pipeline.

BENEFIT: Agents’ increased ability to manage their sphere of influence on Homesnap,
creates a more fluid agent-client collaboration experience for everyone.

Find out more and REGISTER for What’s New@ Homesnap webinar for a quick training on these great new features!

Listing Photos Now Integrated in CRS Tax Suite and More in The GAMLS Connection

Spring is here, schools will soon be out for summer break, and the real estate marketplace is in full swing. Raise your service levels with a better understanding of the products provided by Georgia MLS. This issue will concentrate on new integrations to the CRS Tax Suite, MLS reports that decipher your local market conditions, and training options to advance your understanding of our technology offerings.

Georgia MLS is proud to be your partner in making homeownership happen. The information we safeguard, the rules we enforce, and the community we foster help you do what you do with confidence. Thank you for helping us make the market work in 2018 and here’s to partnering together to make this summer the best ever!


Listing Photos Now Integrated into CRS Tax Suite

No longer will you have to toggle between the MLS system and the CRS Tax Suite to view listing photos. CRS Data has now integrated MLS photos into the Property Report and Comparable pages within the CRS Tax Suite.

Continue Reading The GAMLS Connection > 



Webinar Wednesdays in May at GAMLS!


Join us for Webinar Wednesdays and learn how to use the products and services that are available with your membership.

May 2    |   CRS Tax Suite

Join us for an overview of CRS’s Tax Suite and see how easy it is to view public record data and their associated property maps. Also, learn how to evaluate properties effectively so you can produce professional CMAs.



May 9    | Homesnap Pro Mobile App 

Learn how to access real-time MLS data on-the-go by easily maneuvering through Homesnap Pro. You’ll see why Homesnap is the top-rated real estate mobile app for agents.



May 16   | Compliance Part 1 with Jorge Garcia

Understand the listing compliance guidelines that will assist you in maintaining accurate information on your listings.



May 23     | The Updated Roster Management Tool (Brokers & Admins Only)

Join us and see how easy it is to efficiently add, edit, and remove members in the updated Roster Management tool.



May 30    |    Compliance Part 2 with Jorge Garcia

Join us for Part 2 as we continue discussing Compliance guidelines and understand the importance of entering accurate property information.



We’ll Explore Paragon in Webinar Wednesday This Month

Register for any or all of the following Webinars we’ll be presenting in the month of March.

March 7, 2018     |  Paragon Overview

We’ll explore some of the key functionality in Paragon such as searches, results, CMAs, and Client Connect.



March 14, 2018    |  Paragon Searching and Reports

Join us as we discuss Paragon searches, how to add criteria to a search, working with listing results and the different report types in Paragon.



March 21, 2018     |   CMA’s in Paragon and the Homepage

An introduction to CMAs. We’ll explore how to do a quick CMA and how to use Paragon’s CMA module as well as how to create a CMA on the homepage.



March 28, 2018    |   Navigating the Georgia MLS Homepage Including Statistical Reports

Listen in as we cover the functionality of the homepage from searching, to reports.