Welcome to the New Blog

With the upcoming transition to reInsight, there is going to be some critical information you should know about.  In addition to our normal announcements and emails, we’ll be placing news and updates here. Stay tuned.

Oh… and while you’re here, say hello to reInsight.


2 responses to “Welcome to the New Blog

  1. Hello reInsight, I am eagerly awaiting your arrival…safe trip!

  2. I hope changes aren’t being made just to make our jobs as Realtors even more difficult than it is already. You know, the MLS services are really just tools in a Realtors “tool box” that help us do our job better and make our lives a little easier. Change for the sake of change is not a good thing.

    I remember learning to drive on my Dad’s standard shift Nash Ambassador. I finally mastered it. I also finally mastered the use of the online MLS’s so I could get where I was going smoothly without having a client sitting next to me thinking he’s my first buyer and I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just saying, don’t “improve” the process by making meaningless cosmetic changes we all have to take classes for just to understand what the heck is going on.

    Changes like that are the equivilent (in my learning how to drive a standard shift automobile above) of “improving” driving a standard shift with the following “enhancements”: Depress clutch pedal, which has now been moved to the brake pedal position, fully to the floor and hold. Hold shift lever, which has now been moved to the windshield wiper position, in the 4th gear position before turning the ignition key counter-clockwise, and while slowly applying more downward pressure on the clutch pedal, move the gear lever from 4th to 1st gear and quickly release. You should now be moving forward in low gear.”

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