The Conversion – Things to know… Things to do…

As we approach the conversion to reInsight on October 2nd, we want to help you plan ahead to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Things To Know:

Due to new field additions and enhancements, the following functions will not be migrated from the RE/Xplorer systems and must be recreated in reInsight:

  • Saved property type searches
  • Client prospecting searches
  • CMA Searches
  • Office Logos & Agent Photos

Things To Do:

     Import Contacts

 If you utilize the contacts feature in RE/Xplorer 2, one or more contacts can be imported into reInsight       using a .csv formatted file.

 Click Here to import your contacts from RE/Xplorer 2.

      Set User Preferences

 Customize reInsight to suit your business needs.  Establish your search defaults, email settings and output branding (office logos & agent photos) via User Preferences. Click Here for the Quick Start Guide or Click Here for a video tutorial.

      Check Computer Requirements

Ensure reInsight will run at optimum performance on your PC or Mac. Click Here for the recommended hardware requirements.


3 responses to “The Conversion – Things to know… Things to do…

  1. Does anyone know if you can run Insight on Mac?

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