Don’t Get Stuck on the Launch Pad! reInsight….. T-Minus 15 Days and Counting

The countdown to the launch of reInsight is now within 15 days. Preparations are underway to retire the RE/Xplorer systems on October 2nd. To help you better prepare for liftoff, take advantage of the training resources that are available to you today. 

Do you prefer in-class training?  

Click Here to be taken to the Self Enrollment Portal. Login with your Georgia MLS username and password and select “See Course List” from the menu options on the left to see the schedule and locations for reInsight classes.

Are there any online training options?  

There are “Quick Start Guides” and “Training Videos” for those who prefer online training. Login to and select the “Support” tab. Links for the Quick Start Guides, Training Videos and FAQ’s can be found from the menu options on the left.

When can I add listings, photos and virtual tours via reInsight? 

The Listing Input Module is now available for testing purposes within reInsight. Listing Input training classes are also available via the Self Enrollment portal. All current listings still need to be added and maintained through RE/Xplorer 2 until October 2nd. 


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