reInsight Helpful Tips

Can I easily search different property types in reInsight? How can I search for Rental Residential, Land and Lot or Commercial property?

reInsight has property type search templates already built for you. After logging into reInsight, select the “Search” icon from the top shelf. When the search page opens select the drop down menu. This will display “MLS Templates”. Select “Load” for the property type search you would like to perform. Click here for a short video.

Can I build my own search template with only the search criteria fields that I regularly use?
reInsight allows you to customize and build your own search templates. Click the “Search” icon on the top shelf of reInsight. When the search page opens select the  at the top left of the criteria panel. The Search Criteria Screen will open. Simply double click any searchable criteria in the “Available Fields” on the left to add it to the search template. Double click criteria on the right that you would like to remove from the search template. Click “Apply” when you have finished creating your template. The last step is to click the  icon at the top left. Name your template and click save. Your search template will be available for future use in “My Templates”, from the drop down. Click here for a short video.

Is there a way to customize the results grid and then export that grid to Microsoft Excel?

To customize the results grid in reInsight, we will follow a similar procedure that is used to customize the search template.  After performing your search in reInsight, select the  at the top left of the property grid. The “Customize Grid View” will open. Double click the criteria in the “Available Fields” that you want to add to your grid. Double click criteria on the right to remove fields from the grid. Name your grid in the lower left and select the Save button. The grid is now saved with your selected fields. To export to Excel, select the “More” button in the lower right corner and choose export. Your custom grid will now be exported to Excel. Click here for a short video.

Additional reInsight resources can be found by selecting the following links:

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Please Contact Us with any additional questions and we will be glad to assist you. Georgia MLS Support is now available Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. – 7:00p.m. and Saturday from 8:30a.m. – 5:00p.m.


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