Georgia MLS February Product Highlight –Transaction Desk

tdeskDuring the month of February, Georgia MLS will be providing weekly webinars and training tips specifically on Transaction Desk.  Our goal is to help our membership better understand the powerful capabilities of this product.  Transaction Desk is the complete transaction management solution.  By utilizing Transaction Desk “in the cloud”, you can manage all of your contract forms, documents and contacts from any computer with internet access.

Transaction Desk is loaded with the tools you need to begin and close a real estate transaction quickly and accurately.  Transaction Desk includes:

  1. Instanet Forms:  Access and create contract forms that can be sent electronically.  Instanet Forms includes access to RE Forms, HUD Forms, Fannie Mae Forms and GAR Forms.
  2. Authentisign:  Unlimited electronic signatures.  Legally E-Sign any document or contract form.  Authentisign is E-Sign compliant and approved by FHA.
  3. DocBox/DocBox 2 Go:  DocBox provides unlimited storage space for all of your files.  DocBox2Go allows access to all of your DocBox files from your smartphone.
  4. Broker File Manager:  Instant file review for brokers and managers.   Save time and money.  Reduce risk.  Waste less paper.
  5. InstanetFax:  Unlimited inbound and outbound faxing.  Easily turn your faxes into emails.

All of this and more is included with your Georgia MLS membership.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see how you can harness the power of Transaction Desk to help your business in 2013!


2 responses to “Georgia MLS February Product Highlight –Transaction Desk

  1. How can I be notified of webinar training?

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