March Webinar Series – reInsight

reInsightThe “Webinar Wednesday” series for the month of March will focus on reInsight.  See the schedule below for the topics to be covered.  The link to join the webinar will be placed in the Announcements section of the homepage every Wednesday at 1:45pm and is limited to the first 100 guests.

Wednesday March 13th:  Property Search Templates and Grid views.  Need to search rental or commercial property?  There are search templates created for every property type.  Learn how to easily create your own search templates and grids customized for you.

Wednesday March 20th:  CMA, Comparable Template, Compare Grid and Compare Report.  Learn how to search for comparable properties and present the results using reInsight.  This will help users determine the type of search and reports that will be most effective based on the purpose of the analysis.

Wednesday March 27th:  Hotsheets, Reports vs. Views, Emailing and Printing. Search using the Hotsheet function.  Understanding the difference between Reports vs. Views and how to Email and Print within reInsight.

Can’t wait for “Webinar Wednesday”?  Utilize our online Training Videos and Quick Start Guides for assistance.  Login to and select the Support tab.  Links for the Training Videos and Quick Start Guides for reInsight will be located on the left side of the page.  Previously recorded Webinars are available by selecting the Webinars link.


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