The Challenges (and Opportunities!) of International Advertising


Author: ListHub

Imagine this, you find your listing displayed on a popular website in France… the only problem is that the listing sold 5 years ago!  You are outraged, so you decide to call the website, a French publisher (a 6-hour time zone difference away) trying to make a case  that the website must remove the listing because it is no longer on the market. Now, imagine this conversation taking place in French…

Operator: “Parlez-vous français ?”
You: “No…English please”
Operator: “je ne parle pas anglais”
You: “…huh?”

Well, you get the picture. It sounds daunting, to say the least!

Marketing to International buyers comes with certain challenges… So what is a Broker to do?

Find Out How to Maintain Your Listing Integrity  >


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