Make Your Personal Connection with Home Buyers

In today’s real estate market a personal brand is just as important as a business brand. With over 58,000 active licensees in Georgia, it is important to separate yourself from the competition by creating a personal recognizable brand. One easy way to make a personal connection with home buyers and sellers is to be consistent across all types of marketing media. Whether it is flyers you create or websites you participate on, your photos, logos, and messaging need to be consistent and visible. Many times agents have old pictures and inconsistent imagery across their marketing pieces and often have blank profiles on consumer facing real estate websites.  In viewing properties on the web, which listing agent would consumers rather call?  


Currently Georgia MLS is running billboards across the state promoting our public-facing website,

1 - findyourhome

One of the objectives of this marketing campaign is to drive consumers to the website so our members can benefit from the leads. is a very active website that draws hundreds of thousands of consumers a month, generating millions of detailed listing page views. Just last month  had 290,965 users, generating 529,564 sessions, with over 3.5 million page views.

While many of our members have an updated profile with their picture and company logo on the website, there are still “faceless” agents next to their listings. How many possible leads were lost and connections missed through lack of a personal brand on

If you are looking to add your profile, or update your personal brand with Georgia MLS, we’ve made it more convenient than ever before. After logging into you’ll notice that your photo, logo, and email address now appears in the header of the page. You can  add or modify any of these items by simply clicking on the images. The changes will be reflected on

By continually staying on top of your personal brand you will create differentiation from other agents and allow consumers to become familiar with your value. Don’t miss out on new leads by having a “faceless” profile. Make your personal connection with consumers by ensuring your contact information is current in


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