Introducing InstanetOFFERS®


COMING AUGUST 4, 2015 in Transaction desk!

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your brand in front of consumers throughout the entire real estate transaction and beyond without lifting a finger? Georgia MLS introduces InstanetOFFERS, an exciting new member service that is being offered through Transaction Desk.

InstanetOFFERS auto-generates emails, branded to you, of money-saving offers to your clients active in the home buying or selling process.  Your clients will receive discounts and coupons from national and local brands, exactly when they need them, on things they need most during their move.


  • Agents invite clients to receive valuable FREE offers when starting a transaction using TransactionDesk
  • Discounts and coupons from national and local brands are emailed to the your client
  • All emails sent are completely branded to you

Take advantage of this optional member benefit and be a hero to your clients!  

Find out how it works here >  

Watch the Webinar Session here >



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