Rapid CMA Reports using Homesnap Pro

Send a CMA to a client or prospect right from your phone in under a minute using Homesnap Pro!

You know when a prospective clients calls out of the blue telling you that they’re planning to sell, and they want an idea of what their house could sell for?  Homesnap Pro makes it simple to send a quick substantive response that shows how responsive you are.

Homesnap Pro’s Rapid CMA, allows you to quickly pull together a CMA and get it to a prospect in under 1 minute!

On every property in Homesnap, you’ll see a ‘Send a Rapid CMA’ button, which will take you through the 4-step process for creating a Rapid CMA.

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New Mobile App from Georgia MLS!


Get Our NEW Homesnap Pro App and Run Your Business From Your Phone!

Georgia MLS is always committed to providing you with the very best tools and resources to help make your professional life better and easier. We have partnered with Homesnap to bring you Homesnap Pro, an industry-leading mobile app that will provide you with a new way to run your business away from your desk. This product offering is provided at no additional cost and is part of your membership.

The Best Way to Access Real-Time MLS Data On-the-Go
  • Snap any home to find out all about it
  • Connects to your existing MLS account, always signed in
Hook New Leads Instantly with Unlimited Rapid CMA Reports
  • Create timely, accurate Comparative Market Analysis reports in less than 5 minutes to print and share with your clients
Agent-Only Profiles
  • View any listing in the past 2 years to see related agents.
  • Tap any agent or view an expanded profile that includes past deals and an analysis of pricing tendencies and timing
Boosted Exposure
  • Your listing, your lead.  You’ll be automatically designated as the default agent to contact on all of your listings

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Homesnap Pro is the top-rated real estate app built for agents and loved by homebuyers.

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Paragon Quick Tip: Listing Activity Report

Be proactive with your listings using the Listing Activity Report in Paragon. See how many views your listings are getting and how many times they’ve been viewed by clients. Watch this short 5 minute video below to get started.



Introduction to Paragon 3 hour CE classes are available for enrollment at gamls.comAfter login, select ‘Tech Class Self-Enrollment’ under Education in the Quick Access menu

Paragon Quick Tips: Contact Activity Widget

Keep up-to-date on saved search auto notifications with the Contact Activity Widget. Found on Paragon’s homepage under the Market Monitor, it reflects details about your buyers and their activity. To learn more, click on the short 5 minute video below.



Introduction to Paragon 3 hour CE classes are available for enrollment at gamls.com. After login, select ‘Tech Class Self-Enrollment’ under Education in the Quick Access menu.



Paragon®MLS Cutover Date


The full cutover to Paragon MLS will take place on Monday, May 16, 2016 at 9:00 am. Until that time, listing entry, listing maintenance as well as photo uploads should continue to be done in reInsight.

On the afternoon of Friday, May 13th, reInsight will be read only. Search functionality will still be available, but new listing entry, or existing listing maintenance will be delayed until the following Monday when Paragon’s listing input module is active. GAMLS Search and georgiamls.com will still be available for searching, viewing, printing and emailing during the cutover.

To help prepare for the system change, Georgia MLS is offering a wide variety of training options. From in-class sessions to webinars and multiple self learning options, our members have ample alternatives to become comfortable with Paragon MLS.  You will find access to quick start guides, videos and webinars here. Sign up now for the free 3 hour CE class Introduction to Paragon. To Enroll, go to the Tech Class Self-Enrollment link under the Quick Access menu.

We are excited to bring our members an industry proven system that serves over 200 MLS’ and 190,000 real estate professionals across the nation that has once again been ranked the top MLS system 4 years in a row in the Clareity Consulting MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Learning to Use Paragon

As we get closer to second-quarter cutover to Paragon, we want to make sure you are aware of the resources available to help you prepare for the system change. Georgia MLS offers a wide variety of training options on the functionality of Paragon MLS. From in-class sessions to Webinars and multiple self-learning options,  we give you ample alternatives to meet the needs of your schedules and become comfortable with Paragon.

We strongly encourage you to attend a training class so you can take advantage of the capabilities of the new system. A free 3 hour CE Paragon class is now available and the schedule can be found under ‘Education’ on the homepage after logging in to gamls.com, then select ‘Tech Class Self Enrollment’.

Explore, Experiment and Investigate Paragon:

Spend just a few minutes a day working in Paragon so you’ll be perfectly at ease using it. Login to Paragon > 

Watch the Webinar Wednesday Paragon Series

Paragon Overview > 

Searching in Paragon > 

CMAs and Contacts in Paragon > 

Learn Paragon

Use the Help tools to view short videos, recorded webinars, training documents and more! Become proficient using the home page, searching, working with listing results, printing, emailing and much more with these training resources.

Go to Training Resources > 





Paragon® Transition Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to the most asked questions about transitioning to Paragon, as well as recommendations prior to cut-over to Paragon.

There are two ways to login to Paragon. The first way is to login to gamls.com and select “Paragon Search” under the Online Access heading on the home page. You will need to enter your LOGIN ID and PASSWORD to access the system.

The second way to access Paragon is by typing in gamls.paragonrels.com into the browser address bar.

Paragon is fully functional and ready to use as your MLS system with the exception of Listing Input. Listing Input and Maintenance must still take place in reInsight. Currently the listing database in Paragon is updated via a listing data transfer every half hour from reInsight. Since listings are coming over from reInsight, Paragon’s auto search/auto notification module is active. This is a perfect time to start learning and utilizing this feature.​

It is anticipated that Paragon will be the primary online system near the beginning of the second quarter of 2016. We will give ample notice on the cutover date, but now is the time to take advantage of the training classes and learning resources so you will be prepared for the transition.

GAMLS Search, found at the top of the homepage after logging into gamls.com, will still be available to Georgia MLS members and will continue to be a viable way of accessing the listing database through its many various functions.

Your LOGIN ID’s and PASSWORDS will remain the same. Paragon is case sensitive, so your LOGIN ID and PASSWORD is reflective of your member ID in your agent record at Georgia MLS.

All of the listing data, including pictures, has been brought over from reInsight. Sold listings in Paragon will go back three years. Historical listings prior to three years can be found in GAMLS Search under the “Old Off Market Category. Individual “Listing History” has also been brought over from reInsight.

Yes. Contacts and Saved Searches residing in reInsight were converted over on 2/14/2016. Any new contacts or saved searches created in reInsight after 2/14/2016 must be added or recreated in Paragon. Although the saved searches should remain associated with their respective contacts, it may be necessary to confirm by verifying the contact/search relationship in the Contacts Module in Paragon.

One of the rules of the Can Spam Act is that Paragon must have on file a verifiable email address of all Agents emailing listings to the general public. When you first login to Paragon, you will be presented with the System Preferences wizard. Part of the setup process is to verify your email address for the Can Spam Act. By using the setup wizard, the system will send an auto email to the email address that Georgia MLS has on file in your agent record. When you get this email, be sure to click on the link to verify your email address. This tells the system that there is a real live person using this email address and not a spamming computer. If you choose not to use the wizard, the first time you send an email to a customer you will be prompted to verify your email. You must do this to ensure your email privileges in Paragon.



Please use this transitional time to your advantage.

Sign up for the Paragon class. This will help you become familiar with the tools and navigation of Paragon. The class times and locations can be found by selecting “Tech Class Self Enrollment” under the Education header on the homepage of gamls.com.

Spend 30 minutes a day in Paragon to familiarize yourself with the navigation and workflows of the system.

Do an MLS # search for your Active listings and make sure that the listing data is correct. Let us know if you find a discrepancy.

Set yourself up as a contact, associate a search to your contact record, and email the search results to yourself so you can become familiar with what your clients will receive.
Customize your search templates, grids/spreadsheets, and add your agent image and office logo. A preferences “Wizard” will automatically start when you first login to Paragon. This wizard will walk you through the steps of putting in your agent and office logos.

Check that your Contacts and Saved Searches were converted over correctly. Remember that any new contacts or saved searches added in reInsight after 2/14/2016 must be reentered into Paragon.

Make sure your computer browser and operating systems are updated to the most current version.

Utilize the help resources available via the Paragon and GAMLS Home Page.

Georgia MLS Members to Enjoy Paragon MLS, the Top-Rated MLS System!


In an unending quest to be more responsive to the needs of the busy real estate professional, Georgia MLS is pleased to bring Paragon MLS to our members. For 3 years in a row, Paragon MLS was rated the top MLS system by Clareity Consulting.

Black Knight’s Paragon MLS provides intuitive navigation, cross-browser compatibility and multi-tasking capabilities, along with being optimized for mobile devices.  Paragon makes it easy to get right to work in the office or on-the-go. Each user can personalize Paragon’s home-page widgets, search criteria and results, as well as reports and CMA presentations. Paragon sets the standard in MLS performance and will enable our members to increase productivity and grow their business.

Paragon’s Client Connect consumer portal provides agents’ clients with access to listing results and notification updates 24/7.  In addition, Client Connect ties directly to prospecting auto-notifications and offers a customizable home page displaying agent information.

Members can test drive Paragon by logging into gamls.com and selecting the Paragon link in the Announcements section. Paragon is currently running parallel with reInsight with an anticipated cut-over date in the second quarter of 2016.

Plenty of resources are available to get familiar with Paragon from Webinars focused on using Paragon to in-class sessions beginning February 16.  Be sure to check out the helpful guides, videos, and system support links available in the Paragon Home Page.

So easy to use, we think you’re going to like it!






A By the Numbers Look at the Value of Georgia MLS

In an ever-changing industry, Georgia MLS brings constant value to our Broker, Agent and Appraiser members. We continually strive to provide the greatest levels of service for the least possible cost so our members can better serve their buying and selling public. No other MLS in the nation can provide a comparable portfolio of tools and resources for the low monthly agent fee of $20.  Georgia MLS members consistently sell more homes across the state, for the greatest total sales volume, while paying the least fees.   Click here to see the Current YTD Sales >

To differentiate the Georgia MLS value versus a competing MLS, let’s take a look at the marketplace in Henry, Fayette, Clayton and Coweta counties.



The Value


Why We Are Thankful For Our Members

thankfulIt’s that time of year again… the turkey is being carved, the pleasant aroma of delicious food emanates from the kitchens of hard-working families preparing a wonderful feast to share with their loved ones. There is so much to be grateful for in our lives each and every day. Today, we’d like to start with pointing out how thankful we are for our members.

Real estate professionals spend every day helping to make the dreams of homebuyers come true. They spend countless hours finding the perfect home for their clients or helping them sell their home.  Each year, they continue their education to make sure they are on top of their game to exceed consumer expectations. They stay with their clients from beginning to end and beyond to ensure their big moment is as easy and worry-free as possible.  They are full service 24/7 and they love doing it.  A truly great agent has the needs of the homebuyer or seller in mind constantly.  Their services continue long after the closing.

Our members don’t just sell real estate. They work hard every day to make it possible for people to invest in their future. Real estate agents are teachers, counselors, mediators, and mentors. There are times when they are all of those things on the same day.

To our members, we are thankful for your dedication and the rewarding experiences your clients receive from the irreplaceable contributions you make in their lives.